Christian Value System

Calling Education is a non-profit company with a Christian foundation and ethos. For the sake of clarity, it is important to unpack the meaning and implications of the school’s Christian ethos. Please view the full Religious Policy here.

The extract below captures some implications and background:

  • The school has no formal denominational links or church affiliations.
  • Regular chapel or church services are not held as part of the school programme. However, services might be held at special occasions where attendance could be compulsory.
  • While all learners are exposed to Christian teaching, no-one is forced to adopt Christian beliefs. Presenters and leaders are encouraged to be true to the Christian message, but they are simultaneously sensitised to the likely diverse belief systems of the learners.
  • Academic excellence is not to be sacrificed to pursue a religious agenda.
  • Critical thinking and open-mindedness are encouraged and specifically developed at the school. Engagement with the issues of broader society and an awareness of what takes place in the world are important to the school’s learning outcomes.
  • There is no discrimination in the admissions process on the basis of religion.

Furthermore, the Christian ethos of the school includes, but are not limited to:

  • Sincere Christian beliefs held by senior school management
  • A Christian foundation to the Connect Group process
  • A biblical framework for some short courses
  • Presence of visual Christian material in the school facilities
  • Teachers are granted liberty to share their faith in accordance with the guidelines provided by the school’s Religious Policy
  • Bible readings, Christian messages and prayers will be encouraged in assembly meetings and register teachers will be afforded the liberty to do the same at the start of school days in line with the school’s Religious Policy.