Why a boys’ school

The first school started by Calling Education is a high school for boys in Stellenbosch.

The decision of starting a school for boys has been taken for the following main reasons:

  • Given the severity of the social issue of absent fathers, the school has a clear focus on developing a healthy fatherhood framework and so invest in future fathers.
  • In Stellenbosch, there is a greater shortage in high school education for boys than for girls, particularly in English medium.
  • Achieving financial sustainability as a low fee school is easier as a single sex school, notably when it comes to sporting facilities, coaches and ablution facilities.
  • Nationally, approximately 65% of learners who attend low fee private schools are girls.
  • Many of South Africa’s sought-after schools are single-sex schools.  More such schools that are accessible to low income communities can be created to contribute to the overall landscape of South African education.

Calling Education will revisit and reassess this strategy as the school chain is developed.