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History Timeline

February 2015 A group of friends, led by Philip Geldenhuys, share their dreams for a new school in Stellenbosch and start praying for guidance.
October 2015 Werner Cloete resigns from Paul Roos Gymnasium to head up the project.
1 December 2015 First information session for potential supporters at Digtebij Estate outside Stellenbosch.
January 2016 First board meeting between Werner Cloete, Philip Geldenhuys and Willem Meyer.
April 2016 John Yip and Thumakele Gosa added to Board of Directors.
29 September 2016 Official launch of Calling Education in Doornbosch Hall in Stellenbosch.
19 April 2017 First information session for prospective parents of Calling Academy
May 2017 Website of Calling Education launched