Dr Stephen Taylor

Dr Stephen Taylor is the Director of Research, Monitoring and Evaluation in the Department of Basic Education.  His work includes impact evaluation of education interventions, measuring educational performance and equity in educational outcomes.  In 2010 he completed a PhD in economics at the University of Stellenbosch, analysing educational outcomes of poor South African children. He is a Research Associate at the Department of Economics and Stellenbosch University.

Dr Mallory Dwinal

Mallory Dwinal is the Co-Founder & CEO of Oxford Day Academy, a multicultural social leadership academy serving high school students in East Palo Alto, CA. Mallory graduated summa cum laude from Northwestern University; additionally, she holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, as well as a Ph.D. in Education from Oxford University, which she attended as a U.S. Rhodes Scholar. Mallory was a 2011 Teach for America corps member, serving as a high school Spanish teacher in the Anacostia Ward of Washington, DC. She currently lives with her husband, Chase, in Oakland, CA.

Prof Jonathan Jansen

Jonathan Jansen is Distinguished Professor of Education at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa. He was a Fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University and will be a Fellow at the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Studies in 2018/2019. He is currently President of the South African Institute of Race Relations and President of the South African Academy of Science.

He started his career as a Biology teacher after receiving his science degree from the University of the Western Cape. He obtained a MS degree from Cornell University and a PhD from Stanford. He holds honorary degrees from the Universities of Edinburgh, Vermont and Cleveland State. He was awarded the Education Africa Lifetime Achiever Award in New York, the Spendlove Award from the University of California for his contributions to tolerance, democracy and human rights, and he also won the largest book award from the British Academy for the Social Sciences and Humanities for his book, Knowledge in the Blood.

His recent books include Leading for Change, As by fire: the end of the South African university, Interracial intimacies on campus and Song for Sarah. His 2018 books include Inequality in South African schools (with Nic Spaull), the Politics of Curriculum and Now that I know, a book on South African families who were separated by the racial laws of the 1950s.

Dr Sonja Strydom

Dr Sonja Strydom is a knowledgeable educator with extensive work experience that includes all phases from Foundation Phase to Higher Education. She is currently a Senior Adviser at the Centre for Learning Technologies at Stellenbosch University. Sonja is enrolled for her second PhD in Curriculum Studies where she specialises in the role of agency in technology-enhanced curriculum development. She obtained her first PhD in the field of Psychology and after her first teaching position in South Africa, worked in the UK as a lecturer in Psychology at a FE College.

Mike Darby

Mike is the founder and CEO of The Social Project that runs a number of technology based education interventions. He was also the founder and director of Waterstone College south of Johannesburg. He was the college director and oversaw the growth of the school to over 1400 learners. He has been involved in a number of other education initiatives and also taught History and Life Orientation. He holds a B. Comm (Law and Economics), a PGCE and a certificate in Theology.