“Education brings dignity and a sense of purpose to the recipient which ultimately enables families and later generations to secure a future free from the bondage of poverty.  Sadly, quality education comes at a premium in our country so when Werner Cloete spoke to me about the possibility of developing a low fee private school, it was obvious that we needed to support him. A hugely talented and passionate individual with a strong board and team backing him up has developed a vision and model to bring the highest level of education to their future learners.”

Sean Farrell, CEO of SEED Investments. Former CEO of RMB Private Bank

“The soon to be launched school by Calling Education is a powerful statement of hope in our fatherless nation.  Calling Education goes far beyond focusing on learners acquiring knowledge, but is geared to prepare them for the future. The goal is to have all the students making a positive investment in society through their specific callings, including their possible calling as future fathers.

With these audacious goals, one expects school fees to exceed those of the average school, but Calling Education has bent backwards to make the highest quality of education available to all.

Nothing in our day is more needed, more timely and more hope generating as this initiative. Calling Education has the answers for education in our nation.”

Cassie Carstens, Founder of The World Needs a Father

“A much needed initiative, especially in a country battling with fatherlessness.”

Mandi Sixabayi, South African Parliament: Project Manager