Focus Subjects

A specific focus is placed on Maths and English in Grade 8 and Grade 9. By being flexible regarding the amount of time allocated to subjects, the focus on Maths and English is enhanced.

In practice, this means that tuition and study time is increased for these two subjects specifically. While the extended school day limits negative impact on other subjects, some subjects are allocated slightly less hours than in a normal government school in order for learners to achieve mastery in Maths and English.

All learners have to take Mathematics as subject from Grade 10 to 12 as the school does not offer Maths Literacy as subject. All learners have to take English Home Language as the school does not offer isiXhosa or Afrikaans on a home language level. English is also the medium through which all other subject content and short courses are accessed. Hence, investing in the mathematical and language abilities of learners in Grade 8 and Grade 9 is an important step towards long term success.