Self-Paced Learning

Developing the ability to engage in self-paced learning is an important outcome of Calling Academy’s academic model. Self-paced learning periods have a duel aim in the school.

Firstly, they are intended to increase learner autonomy by intentionally creating time for studying and engaging with study material individually. Secondly, they are part of the school’s low fee model as these periods will ensure more efficient use of teachers.

Given the wide range of study material that is available on digital platforms, learners can progress at their own pace and outstrip the progress they would have made in a solely teacher-centred approach. The Everything Maths and Everything Science intelligent practice platforms will, for example, be readily accessible to learners. In-class streaming becomes a possibility through this approach: learners can develop at their own pace in the autonomous set-up of such periods.

The right balance between a teacher-centred approach and a self-directed learning approach is identified for different grades and different subjects with teachers still carrying the responsibility for all lessons. The integration of the self-directed learning periods forms an important part of the school’s blended learning model by which academic excellence and the development of healthy study habits are achieved.