What should learners be taught at high school? Of course it is crucial to deliver the required academic curriculum in an excellent way, but what else could learners be taught to position them for maximum significance in society?

After consultation and noting some international trends, a decision was taken to run short courses as part of the academic value proposition of the school. Enriching learners beyond the core academic curriculum ensures that their development keeps up with developments in the world.

Given the wide range of local expertise, Stellenbosch is an ideal location to pioneer such an initiative. Knowledgeable, passionate individuals are being incorporated into a presentation team to offer learners excellent exposure.

The short courses will vary in length and not detract from the quality of the core academic programme. Learners will complete three or four short courses per year with a certificate awarded for each short course successfully completed. Most of the short courses are not accredited by outside institutions. There is no extra cost to these short courses. Learners’ achievement will reflect on their reports.