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Big Problem Solving

The aim of the Big Problem Solving short course is to develop in learners the ability to do the thinking required to solve problems that are major and minor, global and local, collective and personal.

Learners are thrown in the deep end to come up with problem solving strategies for major global and national issues. They need to face up to the complexity of these problems as they devise strategies to address them. “Smaller” problems that are more local and personal are tackled in a similar way. Discussions on problem solving strategies are facilitated and learners are pushed to apply their minds, to think laterally, to understand the contexts of others and to grasp global factors.

Presentation partners in this short course are still being developed, but will include:

Ralph Baumgarten Ralph is a founding team member of Campitor Investments, focusing on agribusiness sectors. He has extensive international experience as entrepreneur and an understanding of global issues. During his student years, he led and managed Brightest Young Minds, a pre-eminent young leader platform in South Africa.
John Yip John has developed an incredible global understanding while working in the top leadership of a three international Christian organisations. He regularly facilitates leadership think-tanks in fascinating locations across the globe. He is a board member of Calling Education.
Dr Leandro Boonzaaier Leandro holds a PhD in Theoretical Physics from Stellenbosch University. He has a passion for problem solving and is currently involved in a number of projects that aim to teach high school learners computational thinking skills. He previously lectured Physics at Stellenbosch University.