Future Fathers

It has been estimated that only around 30% of children in South Africa grow up with their father in the household. In 2014, 61% of babies born in South Africa had no details of a father on their birth certificate. The impact of absent fathers on the social fabric of South Africa, as in other parts of the world, is immense.

Calling Education wants to be part of the solution by helping boys develop a healthy framework for fatherhood and enabling them to actively address this matter as they move forward in life. The Future Fathers focus has been part of Calling Education’s vision from the inception of the organisation. Future Fathers will be a recurring theme during a learner’s time at the school.

Some topics covered will include:

  • Causes of absent or ineffective fathering
  • Consequences of absent or ineffective fathering
  • Assessment of fatherhood initiatives
  • Building a healthy household
  • Roles and responsibilities of fathers and mothers
  • Strategies to address fatherlessness or family-lessness
  • Building a table of support for effective fathering
  • Global trends