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Logical and Critical Thinking

Critical thinking has been identified as one of the important so-called 4 C’s of education. Teachers need to constantly strive for developing critical thinking in the way they present the content of their learning areas.

However, critical and logical thinking ability can also be developed more directly and intentionally in learners. In a world where concepts like “post-truth” are common, how can learners be deliberately taught to really think?

The aim of the Logical and Critical Thinking short course is to equip learners with the skills and freedom to think well. In line with the school’s Christian ethos, the belief is held that a Christian worldview is an ideal platform from where to launch critical, logical and free thinking endeavours.

Presentation partners in this short course are still being developed, but will include:

Mahlatse Mashua Mahlatse is an outstanding presenter and the director of Ravi Zacharias International Ministeries in South Africa. RZIM is an organisation that draws some of the top Christian thinkers in the world and deploys them as speakers at a variety of critical thinking forums.
Dr Dieter von Fintel Dieter holds a PhD in Economics from Stellenbosch University. He also facilitates discussions on multiple thinking forums that encourage Christians to engage critically and biblically with the world around them.