What sort of financial model makes high quality education available at a fee that even those from low income communities can afford? And can this be done sustainably? We believe that a deeper question first needs to be asked: who is responsible for funding high quality, low fee education in South Africa? The answer to this question will determine the financial model of the school.

Our belief in this regard is simple – there are a number of parties responsible and all those parties need to be incorporated sensitively in the school’s funding model. The school’s funding model is thus structured to allow many parties the opportunity to contribute to the school’s success without asking any party more than what they can pay sustainably.

We believe that many from low income communities have the financial, networking or entrepreneurial ability to raise the 2019 school fee of R 6 200 per year. We believe that the government’s subsidy for independent schools should be maximised. We believe that the middle class South African also has a role to play. We also believe in creating opportunities for small and larger businesses to play their part.

Therefore, the funding model is structured in such a way that all these parties can contribute an amount that is viable and sustainable for them. Through this “blended funding model” the dream of high quality, low fee education becomes a reality.