Foreword by Headmaster

Calling Academy opened its doors in January 2018 to its first cohort of boys. These 60 boys have the opportunity to play a pioneering part in developing the school’s initial culture. The school aims at providing a stimulating environment for boys with high academic and leadership potential. In 2019, the second group of 60 Grade 8 boys joined the school.

The school was originally founded with the core aim of providing a high quality education to learners from low income communities, made possible by an innovative funding model. The Admissions Policy reflects the school’s commitment to primarily serve learners from low income communities. However, an integrated classroom is envisaged where boys of different socio-economic backgrounds can learn from each other in a synergistic way.

Calling Education extends an invitation to any Grade 7 boy to apply for a place in this selective school. Two Grade 8 classes started in 2018 and another two Grade 8 classes in 2019.

A strict selection process have been followed to ensure the quality of the pioneering group that needs to lay an outstanding foundation for the future success of all Calling Education schools.