Effective fatherhood is an important contributor to the general well-being of society. Yet, generally speaking, fathers are not living up to their calling… and the consequences are felt globally.

In 2014, 61% of the babies born in South Africa had no details of a father on their birth certificate. It has also been estimated that only a third of South African children grow up with both their parents living in the home. These statistics give only a glimpse of the magnitude of this issue.

One of the core reasons for Calling Education coming into existence, is the desire to address the issue of ineffective fathering. While many wonderful initiatives that address this issue do exist, pioneering work is required in developing a Future Fathers curriculum within a school context. It is in this area that Calling Education seeks to break new ground and avail its resources to other schools desiring to follow suit.

The move towards raising up future fathers is firmly grounded in the school’s Christian ethos. This is not an initiative happening in isolation, it rather forms part of a much wider move to help fathers discover and live their calling.