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The school fee for 2018 is R 6 000 per learner per year. This consists of an R 1 000 registration fee to be paid in 2017 and the balance of R 5 000 to be paid in 2018.

Registation fee to be paid in 2017 upon instruction by the school: R1 000

The remaining R5000 can be paid in one of the following ways:

Once off payment R 5 000 before 1 March 2018
Monthly between 1 January and 31 October R 500 per learner per month for 10 months
Monthly between 1 January and 3 December R417 per learner per month for 12 months

Additional notes:

  • School fees are to be paid by EFT. No cash deposits into the school bank account are allowed because of cash handling fees that the school will then incur. Cash payments at the school office are not preferred, but can be accepted should parents not be able to pay by EFT.
  • A deposit of R 1 000 has to be paid to finalise a learner’s placement in the school. This forms part of the R 6 000 school fee, hence parents or guardians will only be required to pay R 5 000 in school fees in the year to which the deposit applies. The deposit should NOT be paid with the application as a learner’s placement in the school first has to be finalised.
  • A light lunch is included in the school fee. Parents/Guardians are required to send a break-time snack.
  • Books and stationery are the responsibilities of the parents/guardians. However, the school will provide tablets during school hours. These tablets will be kept at the school.
  • Payment for the school uniform is the responsibility of the parents. The school will endeavour to keep the cost of the school uniform as low as possible.
  • All school activities, including the use of facilities and infrastructure, and transport for all school outings are included. Should sport or culture tours outside of the normal school activities take place, parents or guardians will be required to raise the tour fees.
  • Transport to and from school on school days are not included in the school fee.
  • When completing the application form, parents need to indicate their preferred payment method:
    • A once-off payment of R 5 000 before 1 March
    • Monthly payments of R 500 per month from January to October
    • Monthly payments of R 417 per month from January to December