Communications Policy

(Date this policy was last reviewed: June 2017)


Effective communication is essential to the success of any school. In modern times, there are many methods of communication and a simple, clear policy is required to ensure that all parties understand the rules that govern communications at Calling Academy.

The potential of social media to be a powerful force in helping the school to reach its aims is recognised. However, there are also inherent risks when it comes to social media. As a school, we would rather err on the side of caution when it comes to our social media communications policy in order to protect our learners, parents and staff.



Any misconduct by a member of staff when it comes to communication will be seen in a serious light. Staff members are to, at all times, exercise great care and sensitivity when communicating in an official capacity, particular where such communication is in writing. The sending of any inappropriate content in the context of a professional environment will dealt with on a disciplinary level.

Parents or guardians

Parents or guardians are to refrain from publishing any rumours or negative content about the school, other schools or any learners on social media. If there is specific issue bothering parents or guardians, they should approach the staff of the school to resolve the issue.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to make use of email and as far as possible to inform teachers of concerns or practical arrangements. Personal appointments are to be made to resolve any conflict.


All boys will receive a school email address and receive academic content through the various platforms of Google Education. Using a school email address to distribute any undesirable content is a disciplinary offence and will be dealt with accordingly.


  • Staff members are permitted to communicate with learners or parents via social media and sms. Where reasonably required to, staff members may be obliged to do so (e.g. where the safety of a learner is at stake).
  • No school related conflict resolution is allowed on social media. As soon as a discussion escalates to conflict, it must be resolved through a personal appointment. Where necessary, senior staff members need to be informed and may be requested to join the meeting.
  • Staff members or boys using their private social media accounts to engage in undesirable conduct may be disciplined by the school even if the school is not directly implicated.


  • Staff are expected to attend to their email on a daily basis as the bulk of school communication between staff members take place on email.
  • Staff are expected to reply to emails, where needed, within 48 hours. If a staff member is in a very busy time, he or she should reply within 48 hours that they did receive the email and will attend to it shortly.
  • Conflict resolution should not take place via email, but by personal appointment.