Drugs and Dangerous Weapon Policy

(Date this policy was last reviewed: April 2017)


The school recognises that matters like drugs and dangerous weapons are often symptomatic of other deep-seated issues. Hence, the school’s pastoral care programme is comprehensive in order to, wherever possible, prevent anti-social or high-risk behaviour. The school’s Christian ethos also provides boys with a broader framework for understanding their own challenges. At all times, pastoral care should be part of the prevention of anti-social or high-risk behaviour.

When transgressions do occur, pastoral care should not cease. Where learners are in the midst of disciplinary processes, support should still be provided with the Grade Head taking the lead in co-ordinating such support.


The school is a dangerous weapon free zone – learners are not allowed to have any dangerous weapon. This includes a ban on scissors, but not on protractors. Learners who bring any dangerous weapons to school will face disciplinary action after the weapon has been confiscated. In extreme cases, particularly if there is there are other disciplinary transgressions as well, learners may face expulsion from the school.


For the purpose of this policy, alcohol and smoking are excluded from the definition of “substance abuse”. “Drug” is defined as a chemical substance that produces a psychoactive effect and therefore includes cannabis, herbal cigarettes, performance enhancing substances as well as illicit drugs.

The school is a drug-free zone and all persons are therefore prohibited from bringing drugs onto the school grounds. Should it be suspected that a learner is in the possession of a drug, this should be brought to the attention of the headmaster immediately.


If the headmaster deems it necessary, a pupil or his property may be searched on the condition that:

  • The search is carried out by a person of the same gender
  • The search is carried out with the permission of the learner
  • If a learner’s property is searched, the learner must be present
  • A second adult witness of the same gender must be present.


If a learner is suspected to be using drugs, this should be brought to the attention of the headmaster. The headmaster may decide to call in the parents or guardians of the boy and request a drug screening at a certified clinic.


The school is still in the process of finalising the procedure should it come to light that a learner has used drugs, even if not on the school premises. The follow-up procedure will entail regular testing with disciplinary consequences and possible expulsion should a learner test positive for the use of drugs.