Learner Partnership Policy

(Date this policy was last reviewed: April 2017)


The Learner Partnerships is a distinguishing feature of the Calling Education financial model. Without it, the school would not be financially sustainable. Hence, it is important to treat every partner as the important contributor that he or she is.


The Learner Partnership fee for 2019 is R 9 400 per learner per year. This fee will be reviewed annually. The learner partnership fee must be paid into the Calling Education Donations account by 31 January of the year that the partnership is valid for. Earlier payments will be welcomed.


A partner initially signs up for one year of financial involvement in a learner’s life. Ideally, this partnership should be extended to the whole school career of a learner, but partners will not be obligated to do so.


Business owners or individuals who seek to be part of this model need to sign up by completing the simple online application form available on the Calling Education website or by completing a hard copy application form at the school office.


Whether or not the learner partner will have interaction with the learner will depend on the partner. When completing the online application form, partners have to state the level of interaction they want with the learner. No partner will be coerced into meeting with learners.

Partners who do desire to meet with learners and even develop a relationship with a learner will be encouraged to do so, but will be asked to stick to guidelines that are still in the refining process. Partners will not have free access to learners and need to be respectful of the guidelines set by the school.


Partners are to receive feedback every term. Academic achievement and any other notable information may be passed on the partner. Connect group leaders will also be asked for their input into the feedback provided to partners.