Pornography Policy

(Date this policy was last reviewed: April 2017)

The addictive and destructive power of pornography is recognised. We also recognise the easy access that teenage boys have to pornography and the prevalence thereof. As a school with a Christian ethos, it is our duty to speak out against pornography and to help our boys deal with the matter effectively in their lives. As such, the following measures are in place:

  • The topic will be addressed at least once a year in assembly
  • The topic will be addressed in connect groups
  • The possession or distribution of pornography will be treated as a disciplinary offence and dealt with according to the disciplinary policy
  • Pastoral care by the learner’s grade head or connect group leader must be part of the disciplinary process. Offering support to the learner is as important as taking disciplinary steps.
  • Staff members who become aware of a learner in possession of or distributing pornography has to report the incident to the grade head. If necessary, the staff member may confront the learner on the spot, but given the sensitive nature of the transgression, the staff member has to handle the matter with respect and sensitivity.
  • Any member of staff guilty of any form of misconduct relating to the topic of pornography will face a disciplinary hearing.