Religious Policy

(Date this policy was last reviewed: April 2017)

Calling Academy is a school with an unapologetically Christian ethos. Given the varying sets of experience that people have had with schools that claim a Christian ethos, it is important to clarify what is meant by this in the case of Calling Academy.


The school will at all times be a place where academic excellence has a very high priority. Academic excellence will not be sacrificed to pursue a religious agenda. Even though additional activities do exist as part of school life, there can be no compromise on the quality of the academic programme.


The school will actively promote logical, critical and free thinking in learners and will actively seek to broaden the thinking endeavours of learners. This is in contrast to some perceptions that cultivating a Christian environment may lead to narrowed thinking.


Attending the small group mentorship programme will be compulsory for all learners. The small group mentorship programme will be faith-based and engagement with the Bible will be a feature of these sessions. Connect group leaders will be trained to be sensitive and respectful towards non-Christian learners in how these groups are run.


In the presentation of the Short Courses, references to the Christian message will occur where appropriate. The Future Fathers Short Course is an example of a short course with a Christian foundation.

Presenters of the Short Courses will be granted freedom to teach from a Christian perspective. Non-Christian speakers will not be excluded from the programme, but will be required to respect the Christian ethos of the school in their presentations.


Any guest speakers will be afforded the freedom to share their Christian faith while being required to respect the presence of non-Christian learners or staff. By the same token, non-Christian guest speakers will be asked to respect the Christian ethos of the school.


In the admissions process, learners will not be advantaged or disadvantaged based on religion or church affiliation. Please view the Admissions Policy for further details.

Parents or guardians who apply for the school, acknowledge on the application form that they are aware of the content of this document and give consent that their child may partake in the activities described.


Calling Academy is not affiliated to a particular denomination or church group but broadly identifies with evangelical churches. The school will endeavour to maintain an approach that is conducive to interdenominational co-operation within the evangelical context. As such, doctrinal matters will be approached with great sensitivity.


The school maintains the right to employ staff and volunteers as it sees fit and may appoint whoever it views as the most suitable person for a job. This may include a person’s suitability to contribute to the school’s Christian ethos. Thus, given the school’s ethos, a prospective employee’s faith is one of the contributing factors in the appointment process, but it is not an overriding factor.

Professional competence and suitability for the job at hand remains the central concern when it comes to appointments. Hence, applications from non-Christian employees will be welcomed and such persons will be welcomed with open arms as colleagues. Calling Education will, however, only appoint headmasters to its schools who are professing Christians, given the headmaster’s duty to establish and further the school chain’s ethos.

The school will not have an obligation to employ or not employ anyone based on their church background nor to ensure a wide spectrum of employees or volunteers in terms of church background.


Regular church services will not be held as part of the school programme, except at special occasions. This will be a rare occurrence. When services do take place, speakers from different denominations will be invited over time. The school maintains the right to invite whoever they see as the most suitable person to act as guest speaker and does not have to maintain a specific balance in terms of exposure for different churches.


The Christian ethos of the school is a crucial contributor to the holistic development of learners. This is not only the view of the school’s founders, but also for many parents and learners who desire to be educated in an environment where a healthy integration of faith in God with everyday life is taught and modelled.

The headmaster invites any parents or guardians who have queries or concerns in this regard to contact the school at