“Werner Cloete is a dynamic young man with outstanding leadership and communication skills. He has a passion for teaching and believes in developing the potential, skills and character of people. He is without a doubt not only a gifted speaker, but also has the ability and skills of working excellently in an interactive way with smaller groups.”

Professor Piet du Toit, Rector of University of the Foundation for Cross-Cultural Education

“We appreciated Werner’s ability to accommodate people from diverse cultural backgrounds and his rapport with participants. His integrity and commitment is clearly seen in how he works and relates.”

Johan Horne, African Leadership Institute for Community Transformation

“Werner is one of those rare individuals who received the gift of connecting as well as the ability to share his experience and knowledge in a practical way.  He is a regular speaker at education conferences and is an innovative leader in education.”

Jaco Deacon, Deputy CEO of FEDSAS

“It is not often that a speaker captures the attention of all the learners and the teachers, but his delivery was so dynamic, so true, so to the point that each child and each teacher could identify with the scenarios he sketched and the points he made. No one left the auditorium untouched.”

Hettie de Villiers, Principal of TuksSport High School

“His sessions were well prepared and through the way he presented the content we could see that he talks out of personal experience. This made the sessions relevant, believable and interesting. I can confidently recommend him as an inspirational, encouraging and reliable presenter.”

Juliana Lombaard, Main organiser of The Teachers’ Conference (Krugersdorp)

“Werner is an excellent presenter. Within minutes, he managed to put the audience at ease and held their attention for the entire presentation. He is very knowledgeable in his field and through his experience and excellent communication skills, he brought the topic of values in practice to within everyone’s reach.”

P le Roux, Principal of Laerskool De Aar and LC Koen, Principal of Hoërskool De Aar

“Werner is a teacher with vision, passion, integrity and energy and he can inspire other teachers to focus on the really important aspects of education.   We need teachers like him to take education forward.”

Jeanette de Klerk-Luttig, Director of The Power of Character

“I know Werner as a strong values-driven leader. He has the ability to connect with any audience, to communicate on different levels and to motivate the audience to take part in an interactive presentation.”

Ilse Wright, Liaison teacher for the RCL at Bloemhof Girls’ High

“Werner is a visionary teacher with the ability to help staff members and schools implement such initiatives as the Rite of Passage event that has the potential to contribute to the value system and character of a school. He has a strong vision for restoring effective fatherhood and family values through schools.”

Kenneth Colin, Main organiser of the Rite of Passage event at Fontainebleau Primary

“His passion and his ability to influence our youth and to shape our culture, are of paramount importance to South Africa.”

Margaretha Esprey, Headmistress of Abbotsford Christian School

“I have no doubt whatsoever that this young dynamic teacher and leader, with a heart to serve God in and through his calling in education, will impact teachers, students and families far and wide.”

Colleen Martin, Teachers in Christ Chairperson