Connect Group Structure

As the emotional, spiritual and motivational homes of the boys, the Connect Groups form a central part of school life. It is here that a mentor provides guidance and support in the lives of learners.

Group sizes vary from 6 to 8 boys per group plus one group leader. The groups meet once a week for 50 minutes in school hours.

The Connect Groups have a distinct Christian ethos to reach the goal of holistic development. A study of the Bible is a regular part of the approach when the groups meet. The group leaders are trained to respect boys who do not share a Christian worldview while simultaneously providing the Christian mentorship that makes these groups so effective. One of the aims of the Connect Groups is to develop accountability amongst the boys to help them close the gap between “intention” and “action” in their lives. Connect Groups are also intended to support the school’s focus on academics as group leaders are required to encourage boys to pursue academic excellence.