Peer Mentor Programme

The Peer Mentor programme will only be implemented in 2020 when the most senior boys in the school are in Grade 10. The programme adds more weight to the pastoral care system of the school while helping older boys grow in their ability to mentor others.

Peer Mentors are senior boys who sign up voluntarily for the programme. The new Grade 8 boys are obliged to take part in the programme which lasts only for their Grade 8 year. The Grade 8’s are allocated to their mentors in groups of two to three. The Mentor Team, consisting of a teacher representative and selected mentors, is responsible for monitoring the quality of the work of the mentors.

The role of the mentor is different from that of the Connect Group leader. Connect Group leaders are older and will play a more senior guidance and support role. The Peer Group mentor has the function of an “older brother” in the school who gets to know the new Grade 8 boy, provides him with practical advice regarding the school and supports him wherever possible.