As a start-up low fee independent school, there are prominent needs in our early years for the following reasons:
  • A high quality initial culture needs to be established
  • No government subsidy is received in the first year of operation – an arrangement that we support.
  • The small initial amount of learners makes financial viability a greater challenge.
  • A significant amount of equipment has to be purchased in the first years.

We are truly grateful towards our supporters who have helped us up to this point. We are also grateful towards you for considering the following possibilities (see more detailed explanation elsewhere):

Financial contributions

Discretionary funding Any amount to be used at the discretion of the Calling Education directors.
Team 1000 A once-off contribution of R1000. A target of 500 such donations by February 2018 has been set.
Learner Partnerships A partnership of R 9 400 with a specific learner. Approximately 120 such partnerships are required for 2019.
Equipment A wide range of equipment is required. Read more or contact the administrative department.


Read more about the different volunteering opportunities.


Prayer support is important to us. To sign up to receive specific prayer requests, please contact the administrative department at