Volunteer Info

Making use of volunteers is a vital part of the Calling Education model. Community members have a wide range of abilities which can contribute to the goal of low fee excellence. Even where volunteers do not have specific talents that match the needs of Calling Education, their time is still of great value.

Volunteers are required to:

  • Be willing to work in an organisation with a Christian ethos without deliberately subverting that ethos.
  • Work according to specific guidelines provided by Calling Education.
  • Be professional and punctual.
  • Dress appropriately.
  • Assume responsibility for the execution of their duties and meeting targets set.
  • Understand that all volunteers might not necessarily be accommodated in their specific area of preference.
  • Arrange own accommodation if they do not reside close to the organisation’s operations. Calling Education might be able to assist with advice in this regard.
  • Complete a short application form.
  • Provide contact details of a reference.

Volunteers can expect the following:

  • Exposure to an innovative educational environment.
  • A professional working environment.
  • Relative flexibility on the part of Calling Education to accommodate volunteers in their available time slots.