Volunteer Opportunities

The right volunteers can help meet the diverse needs of Calling Education. Any particular talent or competency that you may have could likely contribute to our operations.

The descriptions below offer a glimpse of some possibilities:

  • Supervising self-directed learning sessions. This is a daily need of Calling Education and an important part of the low fee sustainability model. Very little specific expertise is required.
  • Mentoring learners in a small group Christian environment. Learners meet on a weekly basis in their Connect Groups. Leaders for these groups will be carefully screened. Opportunities to assist-lead in these groups also exist.
  • Administrative and general operational support.
  • Sport coaching in rugby, soccer, cricket and tennis.
  • Cultural activities coaching in debating, choir and acting.
  • Maintenance and gardening.
  • Other areas that match your expertise.

If you are interested in volunteering at Calling Education, please complete the short application form. All applications are received with gratitude.