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Calling Academy opened in 2018 with three competent full-time teachers and one part-time teacher. All Grade 8 and Grade 9 teaching positions for 2019 are however advertised to ensure the best possible subject combination offered by teachers.

Calling Education seeks applications from teachers with at least two years’ teaching experience because teachers will have to head up their respective subject areas. Furthermore, the organisation is seeking to employ teachers who show leadership potential to assist with the management of this young, growing school. A suitable candidate will be considered in a leadership position from the outset.

Exciting future possibilities exist for candidates with a passion for making a difference in South Africa through education. While teachers with a strong sense of Christian calling fit in well with the vision of the organisation, this is not a prerequisite for appointment. Appointment with Calling Education is an ideal next step for a dynamic teacher seeking to grow his or her experience, impact and influence in education within a Christian environment.

Candidates must submit their CV’s to by 18 June. An information event for prospective teachers will be held on Wednesday, 13 June, at the school. The event will start at 14:30 and conclude by 16:30. Inquire for further details or to book your place at the event.


While the school makes use of outside coaches or trainers, all teachers are required to contribute to the school’s extra-mural or enrichment programmes. A range of possibilities for innovations and blended roles exists within our dynamic environment that may go beyond traditional teaching and extra-mural duties. Prospective employees are to indicate their interests and competencies on the application form. While teachers will be given extra-mural responsibilities in their area of interest, this cannot be guaranteed by school management.


The school’s remuneration scale will be discussed with applicants who are invited for an interview. A candidate’s experience, qualifications and competencies may affect his or her salary.