Work Environment Description

This description of the work environment within Calling Education is provided so that prospective employees can develop a feel for the organisation. All prospective employees are required to study this document before submitting their applications.


Employees of Calling Education need to be innovative and adaptable. The organisation itself will be pioneering in many ways and staff adaptability will be particularly important in the early years of the organisation. Staff members will be expected to be innovative in their particular learning areas or in whatever their responsibilities may be. A willingness to fulfil more than one role is required, particularly given the early phase of the organisation.


At Calling Education, we value our learners and the community that we serve to such a degree that there can be no compromise when it comes to professional excellence. Staff members are expected to maintain a superb work ethic at all times. Thoroughness, attention to detail and a willingness to make sacrifices are expected from all staff.

Calling Education values and respects staff members and their family lives and will therefore endeavour to distribute responsibilities as evenly as possible so as to enable staff to sustain a high level of professional commitment without compromising their personal duties.


Working in Calling Academy and being part of any wider operations of Calling Education will require excitement regarding an environment where different cultures come together. A mixture of different social classes and races will likely be served by Calling Education and staff members need to be comfortable and competent at playing a guiding role in the lives of students in such a context. Racism or racist comments will not be tolerated and will result in a disciplinary hearing.


At Calling Education, co-workers are precious partners in the worthy cause of providing excellent education at a low fee. Every staff member is expected to treat every other staff member with respect. This will include valuing co-workers enough to abstain from gossip or derogatory comments relating to other staff. Staff will be expected to handle conflict maturely and to place the needs of co-workers above their own.


Staff members need to be comfortable with basic advances in technology. All learners will be provided profiles within Google Education and other digital platforms will also be used. Where necessary, teachers will receive basic training in the use of this technology. Teachers will be expected to use technology to support the academic development of learners, particularly within the context of giving guidance to learners regarding self-directed learning that learners will be required to engage in during school hours.


Calling Education has a distinctive Christian ethos that underpins the entire value system of the school. A thorough description of the implications hereof can be found in the Policies section of the website.

Non-Christian staff members will be welcomed, but need to be willing to work in a Christian environment and not subvert the Christian ethos of the school. Staff members will not be expected to carry out duties relating to Christian mentorship that they are not comfortable with.

In the appointment process, applicants will not be disadvantaged based on their faith, but suitability to carry out duties relating to Christian mentorship could count in favour of an applicant. Applications from non-Christians will be welcomed and the most suitable candidates for every job description will be sought.


Volunteers from the community and perhaps from abroad will play a role in some aspects of the school, even relating to the academic programme. Staff members need to be comfortable in engaging with volunteers and at times working with people who are not full-time staff of the school.